Bucket elevating covneyor

bucket-elevatorBucket elevator dust explosion is mainly occurred at head part and engine base.
-Constantly external material flowing into the engine base will bring a high dust concentration, while the engine base is easy to produce the material blocked will bring a high temperature.
-Continuously materials was discharged at the bucket conveyor head part, the concentration of dust and air mixture is higher with a seal tight structure. Once the bucket is sliding, it will cause strong friction with wheel surface. At the same time, frictions also existed between head and bottom wheel shaft leading to increased temperature in the head.

To prevent dust explosion from the bucket machine, besides the scientific management, timely maintenance and strict adherence to safety procedures, lower the temperature, reduction voltage and avoid sparks must be taken into consideration.
-Explosion venting holes installed at head part and engine base. Several round holes set up on the casing with special rubber cover. when the pressure inside the casing increased, rubber cover can be burst through to reduce the pressure and temperature and avoid explosion.
-Set exhaust inlets at the engine base. Exhaust opening can be installed at the top of the bucket elevator conveyor head part or the side of the head, also can be installed at the top of the inlet.

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