plate chain bucket elevator

plate chain bucket elevator

Plate chain bucket elevator is widely used to transporting fine and powdery materials such as coal powder and limestone. This machine also can convey hulk material such as cement raw material, cement clinker, cement, dry clay etc. in order to prolong the life service of NE bucket elevator, there should have proper maintenance of this machine. Here are some tips to maintain the plate chain bucket elevator;

  1. Around about 200 hours of elevator been runs after first use or repair, try to re-tighten each connecting bolt. You can check frequently time to time of the bolt after and before use, in-case there has any bolt to be re- tighten.
  2. The operator should regularly inspect the operation condition of the bucket elevator and check that whether each the chain and hopper are damaged. If there has any seriously damaged, the operator should repair or change them. Each factory should take big or small maintenance regularly according to their using condition and working environment.
  3. If there is too much material accumulated at the elevator bottom, they should be removed the material to avoid affecting the operation and strengthening the hopper. This material also can block the operation when it solidifies inside the bucket elevator machine.
  4. Pay attention to adjust the spiral spring type tension device to make the chain maintain in proper tension.
  5. Ensure that each lubricating parts should have sufficient lubrication oil. But the operator should notice that the chain and the contacting surface between the main wheel, tail wheel and chain should not be coated with lubricating oil.

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