1. Assemble bucket equipment according to the installation diagram, make sure the center line position of tail components within the scope of the free allowance, then successively install the parts with measuring instrument from tail to head on the basis of the No. written on the middle casing in the drawing.
  2. After the installation, make its head and tail (round head and tail wheel), verticality, straightness meets the requirements of the table
Sprocket center line Verticality deviation Straightness deviation
<20m ±2mm ±2mm
≥20m ±3mm ±3mm
  1. The rotary wheel inside the shell is inconvenient to measure, so the first thing is to measure the external appearance of bucket elevator, and satisfy the deviation requirement of the table :






1 2 3
Under12m ±5
12-24m ±5 ±7
Under24m ±5 ±7 ±8

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