Before elevator equipment no-load test, pay attention to the following several aspects:
Reducer filled with 68 # hydraulic oil.
The direction of motor reducer has to  be correct, the reducer shaft should be clockwise rotation. With plugging device installed at the main shaft, the wrong reducer shaft steering will cause an accident. Reducer installation might be different, sometimes, in order to ensure safe and reliable performance, you’d better turn the plugging device off before the text.
Check whether there is foreign body inside the shell, such as electrode, leftover material.
The maintenance of the bucket elevator.

Oil supply to each part of the bucket elevator, according to the table 1 which is for 8 working hours a day.

Position Oil Types Oil Supply Period
Bearing PELI-3 Extreme pressure lithium-based grease 4 weeks
Roller transmission chain Calcium base grease No.2  

Twice a week initially

Twice a month afterwards


Anti-reverse-rotation device PELI-3 Extreme pressure lithium-based grease 6 months
Reducer 68# hydraulic oil 3-6 months


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