belt bucket elevator

Sometimes a belt bucket elevator is prone to some minor blockage due to long term usage of the bucket elevator equipment. Here are some simple tips on what causes belt bucket elevator blockage and how you can save your worries about it!

The first thing to do when encountering a blockage on the bucket elevator is to immediately stop the feeding of material into the inlet. Next, inspect the causes of the blockage of the bucket elevator machine. On the other hand, materials that are too large entering into the base of the bucket elevator conveyor will also cause blockage on the machine. Shut down the machine before cleaning the bulk materials and the blocked materials.

Besides that, the insufficient tension of the belt bucket elevator causing slippage would also results to blockage of belt bucket elevator. You will need to adjust the belt bucket tension and clear the plugging material trapped in the machine. Furthermore, the quantity of the feeding material also affects the function of bucket elevator. Quantity added exceeding the capacity of the elevator could also results in the blockage of belt bucket. This requires the removal of the blockage material and adjusting of the feed control panel to control the feeding flow.

plate chain bucket elevator

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