bucket elevator

bucket elevator

Cleaning process in bucket elevator is significant in maintaining the life span of the machine. It also can be significant issues in many applications of bucket elevator. Usually, this bucket elevator is widely used in food industries activities in conveying food such as powder, flour, grain and other food materials. By cleaning this machine, we not only can prolong the life services of bucket elevator but we can maintain the efficiency of the machine productivity.

Thus it was important to clean this machine regularly. By using some suitable equipment, open the frame/tubular of the bucket elevator machine. This tubular design allows us to clean with water and reach all the parts of operating components to remove the dissolve material/dirties that attach inside the machine. By open this part also we can allow the machine dry faster at the same times.

If we cannot open the tubular/frame machine, we also can use dry or wet cleaning. We can wipe the buckets and spraying the unit with hot or steam or using compressed air/vacuum suction. In each of these methods have its own advantages and disadvantages in cleaning the bucket elevator system.

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