Rice husk is the out shell of rice. Is the waste after rice processing. With the development of the society, more and more people realize that the economic value of rice husk to rework to wine, soy sauce and fuel and put them in bags can also grow fungus mushrooms. It play a more and more important role to our daily life.

Our high efficient bucket elevator can lift the rice husk efficiently, Below we will introduce the bucket conveyor for rice husk.

High efficient Bucket Elevator consists of drive device, head part, tail part, conveying chain/belt, bucket, intermediate casing, tension device, etc. Hopper scoops up the rice husk from the bottom of bucket elevator, then is lifted to the top with the conveyor belt or chain, and next it is downward rolled over bypass the wheel on the top and the rice husk are dumped into the accept slot, and the whole process is over.Our rice husk bucket elevator with the following advantages:

1.High efficient bucket elevator machine with large capacity, high lifting height.
2.Suitable bucket type, large volume.
3.Good sealing, without rice husk and dust leaked, without pollution
4.Driven device adopts vertical shaft gearbox ,fluid coupling and backstop device.
5.Bottom adopts counter weight tension device, make itself automatic take-up, to avoid belt track slip and chain take off.
6. Increase speed control sensor and mechanical level detector, it is matched by customized.

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