Vertical hoisting machine

Vertical hoisting machine is a kind of highly efficient material lifting equipment. On the basis of intended use, seal-type can be designed to prevent dust floating in the sky. Also, the cooling design means the double deck of internal conveying chute, with water intermediate for cooling high temperature materials.

According to the ways of feeding, vertical elevator can also be redesign  for disc type feed, bin type feeding, grooved feed, and many other forms. Mainly based on the previous ways of materials discharge, facilitate the entire conveying task.

In the cooling design of elevator conveyor, it is very important to consider the air-vent position selection which relates to the cooling effect, at the same time, the characteristics of the material also determines the types of cooling methods.

For materials with large bulk density, generally choose the draught fan to marching for air conveying and control. If materials’ bulk density is lighter, and easy to be blow away, we must choose water cooling. Cooling methods cooling selection should on the basis of the proportion of material.

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Vertical hoisting machine


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