Bucket elevator is suitable to elevate from low spot to high spot ,feeding materials into hopper though vibration plate ,then machine move up to transportation automatically .Bucket elevator is used to transport powder ,particle and small mass grind materials ,such as :coal ,cement ,small stone ,sand ,clay ,ore ,etc.There are following features of bucket elevator :

  • The wide range of elevation ,this bucket elevator has less requirements for material variety ,character .It not only can elevate normal powder ,particle material ,but also can elevate larger grind material .Bucket elevator has fine sealing ,less environment pollution .
  • Small driving power ,Bucket Elevator Equipment adopts flow feeding ,digging feeding and gravity discharge , centrifuge discharge .Intensively arrange large capacity hoppers ,when elevating material ,seldom occurring feeding back phenomenon ,so ,less invalid power .
  • Long time service life ,bucket elevator feeds materials seldom occurring press and crash phenomenon .Bucket elevator make sure a few of scatter during feeding material ,discharging material ,reducing machine abrasion .
  • Great movement reliability ,advanced design principle and process methods,make sure bucket elevator move reliably .
  • Bucket Elevator Machine has simple structure ,convenient insulation ,easy adjustment ,maintenance .

Bucket elevatorFor more information, feel free to contact us at www.pkbucketelevator.com


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