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Sometimes it is unavoidable to have dust explosion occurring in a bucket elevator. More so if the bucket elevator operates undesirably, there is higher possibility of creating a spark. What could actually cause a dust explosion? Read on to find out more!

Basically in the process of materials loading in a bucket elevator, the buckets of the bucket elevator machine will strike on the material at a high speed. This causes large friction and impulsive force on the materials. Hence, the dust of the material will dispersed out and away. Meanwhile, when unloading the materials, the materials will be thrown out from the bucket, which also lead to dust flying away.

Therefore, in order to control dust pollution, some bucket elevator works under enclosed structure. An enclosed space in fact increased the risk of an explosion. Although these bucket elevators work in a sealed condition, the casing is not very tight, therefore air still can enter through the connector and inlet port. This lead to the presence of large amounts of oxygen in the internal machine. So when there is fire, dust explosion occurs. However, there are a few more factors:

  1. Particle flow contains metallic impurities, hence when they collide and rub with the bucket, it will create sparks.
  2. When belt deviates and rubs with the bucket casing, sparks will ignite. Use chain bucket elevator instead.
  3. When buckets or screw component of the bucket elevator equipment fall off, it can produce sparks when rubbed with other parts.
  4. When the bearing overheats and belt skids for a long period, it can ignite dust explosion.
  5. When open flames enters, igniting dust explosion.

bucket elevator

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