bucket elevator

bucket elevator

Installation of safety protection device in bucket elevator machine is important so as to ensure smooth operation process. Recent inspection standard for equipment quality assurance requires minimization or complete elimination of all kinds of risks. Our bucket elevator products are equipped with safety protections such as explosion safety protection device, running deviation safety protection device, overload detector device, speed measurement and reversion protection device.

This article will focus on the explosion safety protection device. Working components of bucket elevators and material running speed are relatively fast. As bucket elevator device is sealed in a casing, so it contains high dust accumulation. For grain industry, some materials contain many flammable organic dust. Therefore, when dust content is too high, it may blast once it meets open-flame.

Because of that possibilities, bucket elevator is equipped with a dust mouth above the machine head drive. So when conveying materials which may cause dust explosion, the dust mouth will be let open. The dust mouth is connected to dust collector. This device will reduce the dust concentration to lessen the dust explosion phenomenon probability.

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