bucket elevator system

Sometimes during the operation, the bucket elevator will encounter reverse operation due to malfunctioning of bucket machine, heavy loading of materials, breakage of link chains or belt and etc. The reversal of the bucket operation will cause collision of the buckets and the materials that remain at the base, which will lead to the deformation of buckets.

Therefore, the solution for this is to install holdback at the external part of the bucket elevator. The bucket elevator holdback consists of a reverse rod, revolving shaft, retracting spring and dowel pins. During normal operation of the bucket elevator equipment, the reverse rod will upswing after hit by the sleeve of the bucket, where it falls with the action of retracting spring force. If there is a reversal of the bucket elevator, the dowel pins will halt the reverse rod so that it won’t swing down. The sleeve will also be blocked by the reverse rod, in which the whole link chain is irreversible.

However, if there is overloading of materials inside the bucket elevator machine, the materials will fall on the reverse rod, causing failure of the holdbacks. Meanwhile, if there is overloading of materials outside the bucket elevator, it will affect the screw rotation axis. Thus, accumulating materials in the pit of bucket elevator. This will affect the whole operation of the bucket elevator.

bucket elevator system

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