bucket elevator

bucket elevator conveyor

Through the bucket, bucket elevating conveyor excavates materials from bottom up to the higher place and then discharge automatically. The bucket plays an crucial role in the entire delivery process. For instance, too much material digging may cause chain scission failure, too small material digging will lead to the waste machine transport capacity, so what factor should we consider?
When materials are promoted to the needed height, the discharging motion can be carried out, but in the specific production, insufficient  material discharge quantity are cling to happen with bucket elevator conveyor, it may cause the waste of material and increase the cost. Equipment need technical adjustments to guarantee the stability of the continuous production.

The ascension capacity of hoisting machine back part is smaller, therefore, materials blockage are easily to happen at the place of chute, and they will have to trouble to be conveyed to the next section. Thus to improve the back of the bucket elevator machine production capacity, ensure the material can be fully discharging.

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