bucket elevator

Basically, there are two types of bucket elevator body, which are the commonly used single-channel model and the double-channel model. The so-called double-channel bucket elevator refers to that the chassis has two channels, one is for the loading of material while the other is for the discharging of materials.

The common model of bucket elevator includes the TH type ring chain bucket elevator, TD type belt bucket elevator, NE plate chain bucket elevator and the TB type chain bucket elevator. The middle part of the bucket elevator consists of single-channel model and double-channel model. The double-channel is used to strengthen the middle part of the whole elevator. The loading and discharging operation of chute in the single channel bucket elevator are performed in the same casing channel.

On equal conditions, the lifting capacity of the double-channel bucket elevator is 30% higher than that of the single-channel one. Better lifting capacity also means a higher cost of the bucket elevator equipment. Usually, customer will opt for the double-channel bucket elevator as it has a better performance.

bucket elevator

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