bucket elevator

According to the engineers of PK Machinery, different bucket elevator structures have different tension requirements. Do you know what is the difference between the tension device of different bucket elevators? This article serves to tell you how to choose the tension device of a bucket elevator.

Basically, a bucket elevator consists of components such as belt, ring chain, plate chain, buckets and etc. The tension device of a bucket elevator commonly used is screw tension, heavy hammer lever tension and etc.

  1. Screw tension device

The screw is installed on the lower case, with the nut fixed on the U-shaped plate. When the screw is rotated, the plate will move up and down. The lower bearing of the bucket elevator machine is fixed on the plate too, therefore the lower roller will tension the traction. Screw tension device is suitable to be used for belt bucket elevator, as belt has certain elasticity. When the belt is elongated, adjust the tension screw to increase the firmness of the belt.

  1. Heavy hammer lever device

Heavy hammer lever device put weight directly on the lower bearing seat. The lower chain wheel component tension the traction. This tension method is suitable for plate chain bucket elevator as it only needed small area of space.

bucket elevator

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