bucket elevator,bucket

Generally, different bucket elevator has different types of buckets, used for different industrial application. Bucket elevator of larger capacity usually have a bigger bucket while bucket elevator of smaller capacity have a smaller size bucket. Choosing a suitable bucket for your bucket elevator is important so that you wont end up paying money to fix your bucket elevator. Read on to know more!

Basically, the form of materials decide the mode of material discharging of the bucket elevator machine. For powdery material, the mode of discharging is centrifugal discharging while for lump materials, the discharging mode is gravity discharging. Centrifugal discharging adopts shallow and arc-shaped buckets while gravity discharging adopts deep buckets type.

Usually, different types of buckets have different discharge efficiency. It depends on the bucket forms, bucket speed, proportion of material, material properties and etc. The bucket elevator relies on the traction part between the head and bottom wheel end, rotating continuously to complete the material loading, lifting and discharging process. The amount of loading determines the throughput of the bucket elevator equipment while the angle of lifting determines the rate of material loss.

bucket elevator,bucket

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