bucket elevator

bucket elevator

Auxiliary transmission motor has different function from the main motor of bucket elevator machine. the main motor is used in normal operation, while auxiliary transmission motor is generally used during repairing and maintenance of bucket elevators equipment. Other than that, the auxiliary transmission motor helps the main motor start up when the main motor suddenly breaks down in the middle of operation. Connection structure of auxiliary transmission motor to the main motor is made simple and reliable.

The operation of auxiliary transmission motor and main motor during main motor sudden breaks down is explained below.

  1. When the main motor seems to face trouble and unable to operate normally, the feeding materials would be stopped immediately. In order to protect the bucket elevator equipment traction pieces and hoppers from damage, operators will need to clean up the materials suspended. To clean the residual materials inside the hopper completely, operators will start up the auxiliary transmission motor to operate the machine.
  2. Auxiliary transmission motor is much smaller as compared to the main motor. Under the transmission of auxiliary motor, the bucket elevator will slow down. Therefore, it will be easier to overhaul the bucket elevator device, clean up hopper and traction pieces.

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