chain bucket elevator

Whether you are looking for a large or small bucket elevator, you need to gain right knowledge as to pick the one that will suit your needs best. Basically, there are two types of bucket elevator that are manufactured: belt and chain type as the traction component.

The traditional chain bucket elevator is comparatively limited as:

a) It uses heavy chains and large fabricated buckets

b) Limited number of buckets per meter

c) Maximum conveying speed up to 1.3m/s with restricted capacity

d) Chain and sprockets tend to wear out easily

e) High cost of maintenance, expensive spare parts


Meanwhile for belt bucket elevator:

a) Uses 1 to 4 rows of closely spaced heavy duty seamless steel buckets

b) Steel cord belt, can withstand high temperature

c) Belt conveying speed up to 2.3 m/s

d) More durable as compared with chain bucket elevator

e) Low cost of maintenance, cheaper spare parts

f) Saves 33% of the component cost

Bucket elevator


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