bucket elevator

bucket elevator

The power bucket elevator need is:

N0=G×H÷367×(A+B×q×w÷G+C× w2÷H)

N0—the power needed,kw;

q —gummed tape with bucket weight per meter,kg;

G —throughput,m3/h;H —height,m;

w —bucket speed,m/s;

A、B、C—coefficient with discharging methods;

Because C ×w2÷H is a small number which can be neglected,the above can be simplified as:



Below is the technical parameter of Belt Bucket Elevator 400:

Model Bucket Speed v/m/s Height H/m Gummed Tape Weight q/kg Coefficient A Coefficient B
Belt Bucket Elevator 400 1.8 42 21.3 1.14 1.3

Put the data above into formula:





According to the conveying height and motor power, make sure the selected motor power should be larger than 15 kw, thus, choose the power of 18.5 kw and Y200L1-6 types of motor. And reducer model is: the right pack drive ZQ50-16 – IIIZ, left ZQ50-16 – IVZ gearing.

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