bucket elevator,bucket

Buckets falling off from bucket elevator? Figuring out for a solution? Here comes the helping guide. Reasons and solutions.

  1. Too much feeding of material

Too much feeding of material will cause material blockage in the elevator machine, which increases the elevator resistance.

Solution: Stop the machine immediately and remove the spills under frame. Discharge materials in engine base, replace new buckets, and then start operation. Try decreasing the feeding volume uniformly.

  1. Position of inlet is too low

Generally, the buckets receive materials from inlet automatically when operating. If the position of inlet is too low, then the buckets have insufficient time to receive the materials, which cause the materials to fall into the bucket equipment engine base. Besides that, lump materials could cause deformation and falling of buckets.

Solution: The position of inlet should be placed above the center line of return pulley.

  1. Bad bucket material with limited strength

Buckets are welded or pressed by common steel plate and galvanized plates, which the edges should be folded and inserted with galvanized wire to enhance bucket strength.

Solution: Change buckets if needed

bucket elevator,bucket

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