elevator machine


Bucket is one of the most important parts for bucket elevator. The material can be carbon steel, stainless steel and plastic according to different requirement on the site.
1.Bucket is spare part for lifting material for bucket conveyor, it is can be divide into metal bucket and plastic bucket according to different material:
1.1 Metal bucket: buckets are made by 1 ~ 2 mm thickness of ordinary carbon steel or galvanized steel plate after welding, riveting or stamping, if the material is bad, strength is limited, hopper is easy to fall off.
1.2 Plastic bucket: buckets are made by polypropylene plastic, it with the features of light structure, low cost, wear-resisting, do not produce sparks collisions with barrel etc.
2.Buckets of bucket conveyor machine are fixed by special U Type bolts, the buckets we common used can be divided into Q type, H type, ZD type and SD type according to out shape.
3.The bucket of the bucket elevator equipment will be easy to filled if the bucket opening is big but the belly of bucket is small, thus, the bucket is often triangle type with big mouth and small smooth.
4.The quicker running speed, the more material feed back.
5.If the bucket space is too small, the material will ran back by hit the bottom of the bucket after being threw.

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