bucket elevator

bucket elevator

Recently, the bucket elevators and belt conveyors ordered by American client have been completed production. They will be finished packing and dispatched to Qingdao port soon.

This batch of good including a 500mm wide,20m long belt conveyor, a 500mm wide,125m long belt conveyor as well as 3 sets plate chain bucket elevator. The company is mainly dealing with fertilizer, density 1.12t/m3,detailed information is shown as follows:

1st belt conveyor


Drum center length:20m

Belt Width:500mm

Inclined angle:20°

2nd belt conveyor with conveyor cover hood


Drum center length:125m

Belt Width:500mm

Inclined angle:0°

3rd bucket elevator

Chain wheel center distance:10m


Meanwhile, PK Machinery also a special manufacture for vibrating screen, screw conveyor, scraper chain conveyor and spare part etc. For further information, please click: www.pkbucketelevator.com


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