PK Machinery also supplies bucket elevator spare parts for our customers. Still, with strictly quality control, each component we manufacture is perfect replacement for your equipment. Never worry about the issues of whether there is the suitable model or puzzled about the daily maintenance.
Here at Pk, we were in consideration of all could happen problems for you in advance. Take it easy, and feel free to select the following spare parts we list for you.

Bucket Elevator Spare Parts


1.  Bucket Elevator Belts
The elevator belts we produced fit for powder, bulk and granular materials with a temperature from  30°C to +80°C. Moreover, the particular oil resistant belts are appropriate for materials with a temperature from -10°C to +100°C.


2. Bucket Elevator Buckets
PK Machinery provides a wide range of buckets both for belt and chain bucket elevators.Sh and Zh are able to can be manufactured to meet special applications and conveying material.⌈Sh model bucket⌋ is a kind of deep bucket, it is generally applicable to transport dry, loose, easy to throw and better liquidity materials, such as cement, coal, gravel, food, plastic particles and so on.⌈Zh model bucket⌋ is a kind of shallow bucket, it is generally applicable to poor liquidity, easy to agglomerate, difficult to throw and wet material, such as sand, crushed coal, chemical fertilizer, chemical raw materials, etc.

Bucket Elevator Bolts

3.Bucket Elevator Bolts
It is mainly used for fixing the bucket on the belt, elevator bolt designed by PK has special structure which can cling to the belt and reach the minimum lapping defect to improve the service life of belt and bucket.


4.Bucket Elevator Chains
PK Machinery’s elevator chain including ring chain and plate chain. Both types of these chains own the feature of excellent performance in the extreme working environment.


5.Bucket Elevator Pulleys
The belt bucket elevator possesses a heavy-duty drum type pulley at the head part and heavy-duty wing type pulley at the tail part. Both pulleys are a crown faced for maximum pulley strength, balance and belt tracking.


6.Bucket Elevator Sprockets
The chain bucket elevator possesses a heavy-duty engineering class sprockets with a assembled structure. The rim adopts high strength bolt connection with the body, after the wearing of sprocket, only need to replace the sprocket rim, it can reduce the maintenance cost.