PK Silo Bucket Elevator is a peculiar type of bucket elevator designed for silo.

PK Machinery Silo Bucket Elevator is a peculiar type of bucket elevator designed for silo. With the rubber conveyor belt as its traction component, silo bucket elevator could be put into use to extensive range and there is almost no restricted for material forms and properties.

Product Features

1. Stable and higher lifting height;
2. Well sealing reduces the environmental contamination;
3. Excellent performance and longer service life;
4. With modified technique, little extrusion and collision between the material.

Silo Bucket Elevator Construction

Silo Bucket Elevator consists of bucket and rubber conveyor belt, intermediate casing, driving device, lower section with tail pulley, etc.






2.Tension Device
3.Guide Rail
6.Guide Rail
7.Head Part
9.Driven Device
10.Head Shield
12.Tail Part

head part
Head Part
Intermediate Casing
Lower Section With Tail Pulley
Lower Section With Tail Pulley
driving device
Driving Device
Rubber Conveyor Belt

Extensive Range for Different Industries

Silo Bucket Elevator is broadly used in chemical industry, metallurgy, mining and mineral, grain, building material, food, plastic and pharmaceutical industries, etc.

Technical Data

Model TZD200 TZD250 TZD300 TZD400 TZD500
Capacity (t/h) 50~80 80~120 150~210 200~300 350~400
Bucket Speed (m/s) 2~3.1 2~3.1 2.5~3.5 2.5~3.5 3.2~3.9
Bucket Capacity (L) 1.21 2.35 6 8.4 10.9
Bucket Distance (mm) 105 125 215 215 215
Bucket Width (mm) 186 238 280 380 480
Belt Width (mm) 200 250 300 400 500
Head Pulley Diameter (mm) 630 630 710 710 800


Model TZD650 TZD800 TZD1000 TZD1200
Capacity(t/h) 380~450 500~600 700~800 900~1000
Bucket Speed(m/s) 3.2~3.9 3.2~4.0 3.2~4.0 3.2~4.0
Bucket Capacity(L) 2x6 2x8x4 2x10x9 2x12x9
Bucket Distance(mm) 215 215 215 215
Bucket Width(mm) 2x280 2x380 2x480 2x580
Belt Width(mm) 650 800 1000 1200
Head Pulley Diameter(mm) 800 1140 1140 1140

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