bucket elevator

bucket elevator

During an operation of bucket elevator, sometimes operation might have to be stopped due to malfunction or heavy-loading or even breakage of link chain or belt that could occur. The reverse operating of a bucket elevator can cause collision of the bucket with material that remain in the bottom.

Overloading situation is easy to occur if attention is not given to feeding capacity. Under normal circumstances, the bucket of bucket conveyor will lift the material from the bottom to the discharge port which is located on top of bucket elevator and then throw out. In order to ensure the production, when designing and manufacturing equipment, manufacturers just consider that the equipment will not reverse under the non-load condition, because bucket of lower part is two more than upper part, which will be much heavier than the upper. In order to prevent the breakage of belt or link chain or reversal occur in the bucket and link chain, especially when the bucket elevator is under the overload condition, the backstop should be installed at the external of bucket elevator in order to avoid the problem of overload. The bucket elevator holdback consists of reverse rod, revolving shaft, retracting spring and dowel pin etc. In the process of normal operation of bucket elevator, the reverse rod will be upswing after hit by the sleeve, it will fall under the action of retracting spring force, then upswing after hit by another sleeve, not affecting the normal operation of equipment.

If there is too much material spilled inside the body of machine and fall on the reverse rod, it will cause the failure of holdback. If there is too much materials outside the bucket elevator machine, it will affect the rotation axis of screw. We may see there will be stacked with material in the pit of bucket elevator on the user’s site, which will seriously affect the operation of the relevant parts of holdback.

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