bucket elevato casing

Embossing refers to the moulding or carving on a surface so that it is raised above the surface in low relief. Basically, the middle casing of the bucket elevator will be folded into geometric shapes (such as rectangle, etc) or grooved shape based on requirements. Embossing process not only could enhance the aesthetical appearance of the bucket elevator, but also have other great benefits as well. Check this out!

  1. Increased in stiffness

Stiffness refers to the ability of the material or structure to resist deformation. Embossing process will increase the rigidity and stiffness of the casing side in bucket elevator equipment in order to prevent deformity due to uneven forces.

  1. Increased in strength

Strength refers to the ability of metallic materials to resist permanent deformation and fracture under external forces. Making a flute in the right position of the bucket elevator casing can increase its local intensity and reduce the possibility of component breakage.

  1. Reduced cost

Embossing process helps to save the usage of steel plate and reduce the cost of production for a bucket elevator machine.

bucket elevato casing

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