bucket elevator

Method of belt splicing is determined by the number of plies and the severity of service required. For most bucket elevator, plate type fasteners can be used. For belt thickness up through six ply, the belt ends are lapped for a minimum of three buckets. These buckets are bolted though both thicknesses of the belt lap. For belt thicknesses of seven ply or more, a butt strap joint is more satisfactory than the lap type splice because severe stresses are set up in the outer plies as the belt passes around the head and boot pulleys. These stresses are minimized when the two ends of the belt are butted together and a layer of strong and flexible nylon fabric belting is placed over the joint, extending under a minimum of two buckets in each direction. These buckets are bolted though both layers of belting.

Types of belt splices commonly used in bucket elevator machine:

  1. THE LAP JOINT – The lap joint is shown in Figure 1 and usually requires the lapping of at least three buckets.
  2. BUTT SPLICE – This type of splice is shown in Figure 2 and will normally use a section of belt of bucket conveyor for the butt section or a piece of nylon butt strapping.
  3. FLEXCO SPLICE – This type of splice is shown in Figure 3 and is made according to the instructions that come with the Flexco fasteners.

bucket elevator

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