Bucket elevator conveyor

Bucket elevator conveyor

Bucket elevator conveyor is a kind of vertical conveying machine used for transporting granular or powder materials such as coal powder, cement, flour and so on. However, in the powdery material industry, must pay attention to the bucket elevator safe condition, because the dust is easy to cause explosion.
In the process of powdery material delivery, the dust will float in the sky when materials are dumped on the conveyor belt; The strong friction and impact between materials and transmission belt will also make the dust float; When materials are poured down to the destination, the huge impulsive force would lead to dust float.

At this time, a fire will lead to the big bang. So all sparks in the working environment are forbidden, especially for the people who in love with cigarette. In addition, check all the wire line to make sure there is no electric leakage. The proper operation and maintenance of bucket elevator conveyor is necessary. Another better advice for you is choosing an open space to work, if the operating must be indoors, open the doors and windows, besides, we can install the fan to change the air inside.

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