Bucket elevating covneyor

Bucket elevating covneyor

When the bucket elevating conveyor selection involves the material feature of corrosion resistance, there are some items need attention:

  1. We have to make a use of the corrosion resistance, in the meantime, cannot be bound by it. Nowadays, more and more corrosion resistance of stainless steel adopt 10 grade level, choose which level as the request of the corrosion must consider each part’s features of bucket elevator as vertical transportation equipment.
  2. The corrosion resistance is relative to the rust and non-corrosion resistant, until now, there is no such stainless steel maintaining intact in the corrosion status, so the personnel of bucket elevator conveyor selection must choose the right one according to detailed working conditions.
  3. The selection should not only consider the function of the general corrosion resistance of stainless steel, also, the partial resistance function, the water and chemical medium, which need more attention.
  4. As for the stainless steel equipment, if there are any parts failure appearance because of corrosion, you need to analysis and find out the reason.

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