Ring Chain Bucket Elevator has large transportation capacity ,adopts centrifuge or mix discharging ,used to transport store density less than 1.5 t/cube powder ,particle ,and small mass materials .

Ring chain bucket elevator is suitable to transport vertically larger grind powder ,particle ,and small mass materials ,such as grain ,coal,cement ,broken ore ,etc.The feature of Ring Chain Bucket Elevator Equipment:simple structure , steady movement,take-out type feeding ,mix or gravity discharging ,flange adopts group chain wheels ,conveniently changed ,chain wheels has long service life through special handling .The bottom of ring chain bucket elevator adopts gravity automatic tension device ,keeping constant tension ,avoiding skid or out off chain ,at the same time ,when the hopper gets blocking ,the yield-ability can effectively protect movement parts .The material temperature can not exceed 250℃.

The main feature of ring chain bucket elevator

  • Steady movement ,high transportation efficiency .
  • Various hoppers ,preferred selection.
  • Strong adaptation ,convenient installation and maintenance ,long service life .
  • Ring Chain Bucket Elevator System has Small volume ,high rotation speed,making sure transport material uniformly and quickly .

ring chain bucket elevator

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